Cattle drive in Söll

One of Tirol’s most amazing traditions

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Cattle drive in Söll

One of Tirol’s most amazing traditions

The tradition of the Almabtrieb is celebrated at the Wilder Kaiser every year at the end of summer. Early in the morning, the cows are festively "aufgeboscht". For this purpose, the dairymaids and dairymen attach the so-called "Almboschen" to the cow's head with a leather halter. Weeks before the Almabtrieb, the little coniferous trees are lovingly decorated by hand with colourful roses and threads of crepe or silk paper. The big bells that announce the return of the cows from afar are also a must. The cows, dairymaids and helpers walk back down into the valley to their home barns. The decorated cows are a symbol and a sign of gratitude for an accident-free summer on the alp. The return home is duly celebrated with the Almabtrieb.

In autumn 2021, the Almabtriebsfest on the Wilder Kaiser will not take place.

The cows will return home from the alpine pastures, but without a festive setting in the valley.

Almabtrieb in Söll am Wilden Kaiser

Mountain autumn at the Hexenwasser theme park

© Elmar Bichler

The autumn cattle drive down from the pastures at the end of September in the Wilder Kaiser region is one of Tirol’s most amazing traditions. During the week of the cattle drive in Söll, celebrations take place from the mountain pastures to the valley.

At harvest time, steaming kitchens, cosy traditional Tirolean parlours and lush Alpine meadows at the Hexenwasser theme park in Hochsöll invite you to sample, enjoy, listen, sing along and even assist the Alpine dairymen.

Visitors can try their hand at a scythe to mow the grass, rake the hay or even help decorate the cattle with colourful headdresses.

After some thorough physical exercise, it’s time to enjoy some delicious, traditional farm-fresh food to regain your strength. Bake farmers' bread together at the Stöcklalm mountain hut or sample a traditional Alpine porridge at a traditional wooden structure. Meanwhile, connoisseurs of all ages can learn to make Brodakrapfen potato pockets at the Simonalm Alpine pasture or try a fried doughnut at the Hohe Salve mountain. All the while, local bands play authentic folk music to enliven the atmosphere.

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