Marketplace Wilder Kaiser


Marketplace Wilder Kaiser

The four Kaiser towns of Ellmau, Going, Scheffau and Söll are home to many regional producers. Offers are particularly diverse and range from organic meats to fine brandies, various foods, handicrafts and much more. The products from the region impress with their gentle production, excellent quality, and individual taste.

Where, when and, above all, from whom can you buy these high-quality products from the region? The new platform “Marketplace Wilder Kaiser” will provide you with all the information you require. In addition, the providers and their companies are continuously updated with their innovative approaches.

„Regional produce“ is the trend, there’s no question about that. While some people only really came to appreciate the “Hofladl” (organic farm shops) through Corona, lockdown and limited access to retail, the Wilder Kaiser region has known for a long time what numerous and diverse producers it homes. Through initiatives to promote regional seasonal cycles, we want to support local producers and take another step towards more sustainable tourism.

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A variety of regional products in one place

  • Alle
  • Scheffau
  • Going
  • Söll
  • Ellmau

Marketplace culinary routes

A culinary excursion by bike or on foot

As well as the many wonderful huts along our hiking and biking trails, there are now new culinary tours to see and experience. During certain times on the ‘Marketplace hike’ to the Silleralm & Stöcklalm, you will have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes. On the hike to the Walleralm you will pass regional farm shops with alpine charm. You can take your own bike tour from one of the four locations at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser, where there is lots of sporty and culinary enjoyment to be had.

The Wilder Kaiser breakfast basket

Breakfast with regional products - available now

© Lisa Lederer

We have come up with something special for everyone who likes to have a relaxed breakfast or brunch at home: the Wilder Kaiser breakfast basket. It is well known that love goes through the stomach. Therefore, the love of the culinary arts in the Wilder Kaiser region should not be overlooked. Start the day full of energy with the most important meal of the day, breakfast. The breakfast basket contains a variety of regional and seasonal products from Marketplace companies from the Wilder Kaiser region. Pastries from the local bakery, fresh eggs, jam, cheese, and many other delicacies for your breakfast enjoyment.

In each of the four Kaiser towns there is a provider who will be happy to put together a Wilder Kaiser breakfast basket for you. Simply contact one of the four providers and pre-order your breakfast basket!

More information about the Wilder Kaiser breakfast basket with marketplace products

Fresh and regional bread

Gourmet box

© Keilhof

The gourmet box from the Söller Marktplatz businesses is perfect as a gift and can be ordered from all participating businesses. The box contains regional quality products. The participating businesses are: Poiderhof, Küchlpoidhof, Fuchs, Silleralm, Thomalhof, Demeterhof Knolln, Maurer, Oberkoller, Keilhof.

Small box: € 55,00
Large box: € 80,00

The box is put together and collected from Keilhof in Söll (contact: 0043 664 202 35 53)

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