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Schafmilchprodukte beim Poiderhof

Delicious regional products – what comes from home, tastes simply fantastic!

Awareness for regional products is not just a trend, but a mind-set. The demand for local, regional products has increased over the last few years, especially in the current crisis. Interest in homemade products has become far greater and this is developing very well for local producers.

On this page guests as well as residents can find local providers of various products. Spreads, breads, meat, honey, cheeses, hampers, Schnaps and much more can be bought from the doorstep in our region.

The best way to shop regionally is to contact the providers directly. Beware: Meat & fish products are only available by pre-order!


Who? What? When?
Pfitscherhof Milk 24 hours / 7 days Contact
Ingrid Hochfilzer Elixir of life tea and herbal liquor According to opening hours of Hotel Hochfilzer Contact
Kaiserschnecke Escargots By pre-order only Contact
Kaufmann Spirits High quality spirits, liquors, Gin, Rum, Whisky and jam According to opening hours Contact
Obst- und Gartenbauverein Fresh apple juice in boxes By pre-order only Contact
Reiterbauer BIO-Beef from Tirolean husbandry (5 or 10 kg mixed packages) By pre-order only Contact
Lierstättbauer BIO-Veal from the Pinzgau breed By pre-order – produced monthly Contact
Schmiedbauer Milk & eggs (depending on availability) 24 hours / 7 days Contact
Bauernhof Sonnhof Apple juice (3 & 5 lt.) as well as beef, veal and pork on demand Upon telephone agreement. Meat only by pre-order. Contact


Who? What? When?
Bichler's Brennerhäusl Schnapsbrennerei Schnaps, liquors, jams According to opening hours Contact
Bio-Bauernhof Flugberg BIO eggs, BIO eggnog, mixed packages of BIO beef, local game meat 24 hours / 7 days | mixed packages only by pre-order Contact
Kaiser Wagyu Wagyu beef Upon telephone agreement Contact
Söllnhof Honey Upon telephone agreement Contact
Stanglwirt Biological Alpine Cheese According to opening hours at the reception or in the farm shop Contact


Who? What? When?
Almshop auf der Stöfflhütte High quality spirits, liquors, natural products According to opening hours in summer Contact
Mark Pirkner Fish „Kwellsaibling”(Char), Bio-meat from the Zebu beef and Bio-Alpine pig as well as Bio-bacon. By pre-order only Contact
Theresa's Almladl auf der Kafma Alm Bread, jams, sirups, spreads and many seasonal homemade products According to opening hours in summer Contact


Who? What? When?
Au Laden Cheese, bacon, various milk products, tea, sirup and many more According to opening hours Contact
Badhaus Rainbow Trout, Brook Char & Salmon Trout, Schnaps Upon telephone agreement Contact
Buchmann Cut cheese, alpine cheese, farmer’s bacon, Schnaps, jam Upon telephone agreement Contact
Bacherhof Schnaps, apple juice and numerous goat products Upon telephone agreement Contact
ESCHIN Kräuterprodukte Herb extracts and natural products, teas and many more According to opening hours Contact
Jakob Fuchs Schnaps, liquors & beef on demand Upon telephone agreement Contact
Keilhof - natürlich.echt Milk, eggs, eggnog, pasta and seasonal products 24 hours / 7 days Contact
Knolln Dementerhof Bio beef in mixed packages of 10 kg By pre-order only Contact
Poiderhof Various products from lamb (yoghurt, cheese, and many more) as well as honey, Schnaps and homemade farmer’s bread every Friday 24 hours / 7 days Contact
Familie Oberhofer High quality spirits Upon telephone agreement Contact
Oberkollerhof High quality spirits & liquors Upon telephone agreement Contact
Stöcklalm Various varieties of pasta, bacon, smoked Venison sausages, High quality meat packages According to opening hours | meat only by pre-order Contact

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