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Current notes on hiking trails and cycling tours in the Wilder Kaiser region

Safety and well-being of our guests are our top priorities. To ensure you are informed, we provide updates on current closures of hiking and cycling paths here. These closures may be due to weather conditions, maintenance, or other factors, leading to temporary inaccessibility of certain routes. For details about closures and possible detours, please click on the respective route. You can also find general information about the closures on this page to assist with your tour planning.

This page is continuously updated to help you plan your trips safely and without concerns. Explore alternative routes from our extensive network of hiking and biking trails for unforgettable adventures at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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Achleitberg Road closure

Due to asphalt work, the road to Achleitberg up to the former Achleiten Inn will be closed from April 2nd to April 30th, 2024. The section is difficult to pass for pedestrians.
The Achleiten climbing garden is only accessible from Hintersteiner Lake.
Detour: Cyclists can use the MTB route 338 from Scheffau or the MTB route 364 via Walleralm to reach Hintersteiner Lake.

Römerhof - St. Johann connecting path

The connecting path via Römerhof to St. Johann is no longer available.
The cycle path now runs from Going on cycle path No. 26, passing by Stanglwirt, towards Reith, and continues on cycle path No. 20a via Lindern towards Oberndorf. It then passes through Rerobichl, Eberharting, and Sperten to the St. Johann district of Rettenbach, where it rejoins the original cycle path No. 14.

Closure of hiking trail No. 57 between Oberstegen and Donnersbergbach in Söll

Hiking trail No. 57 in Söll is closed between Oberstegen and Donnersbergbach due to construction work until further notice. A detour via the road is possible.

Closure of Wilde-Kaiser-Steig No. 823

Trail No. 828 from the Regalmscherm junction to the Ackerlhütte/Obere Regalm junction is closed until further notice due to the risk of rockfall following a rockslide!

Detour: From Baumgartenköpfl take trail No. 827 to Obere Regalm and then trail No. 816 to Ackerlhütte.

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