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Marvel – Grasp – Understand

The Mountain Adventure World Hexenwasser in Söll in Tyrol has been delighting children and adults with natural spectacles for over ten years. Stations, paths and magical chambers can be explored partly on your own, partly under guidance. Austria's longest barefoot trail leads over grass, bark mulch, massaging stones and rippling water to numerous stations where all the senses are addressed in a new way. Throughout the area, at the foot of the mountain Hohe Salve, there is something to discover everywhere. Free witchcraft activities and shows are awaiting you as well.

To gain an even deeper insight into the ancient legends, customs and wisdom of the ladies in pointy hats, exclusive HeXpeditions await you in the Hexenwasser. The witches take the time for their guests, the "time with the witch", and let them get hands-on, craft and taste at the supervised Hexenwasser stations.

Evening trips
Evening trips

to the "Witches' Thunder" Night

Visit the witch's water at night. In summer evening trips with a witch's fire, night hike, witch "thunder" stories and live music will take place.

Dates: 13.07.-24.08.2023, every Thursday - 6:30pm to 10:30pm (fair weather only).


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Don’t forget your swimwear!

Ready to cool down? The Hexenwasser in Söll boasts scores of refreshingly fun water stations. Don’t forget your swimwear, sunscreen and a second set of clothes!

Important information

How do I get to the Hexenwasser?

The Hexenwasser is easily and quickly accessible via the Hochsöll adventure gondola. Best of all, the 10-passenger gondola lift is both pram and wheelchair accessible.

How much does it cost to visit the Hexenwasser?

For the ascent with the Hochsöll adventure cable car to the Hexenwasser, SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental tariffs apply.

What do I do if it rains?

Witches send us rain, not so we refrain. But instead to entertain, just as preordained! With weatherproof clothing in your backpack, experience the best that the Hexenwasser has to offer. During your unforgettable daytrip, visit the AmVieh Theater to enjoy a unique barnyard experience. Get to know the cows and learn all there is to know about grazing animals. During your visit, learn about the important relationship between man and cows.

If you prefer to stay indoors, we recommend theBlaue Wunder (blue wonder) indoor facility, which playfully explores the secrets and mysteries of water. Experiment with the "source of all life" and explore its special features. Alternatively, get a taste of everyday life in an Alpine pasture by visiting the 400-year-old Simonalm mountain pasture, where you can, among other things, experience old kitchen traditions by making your own butter, grinding grain and making bread dough. New for 2020 summer season, learn about how earlier generations decorated their homes at the Hexerei (Witchcraft) workshop. Join the witches and work, cook, sew and perform magic in the old rooms of the farmhouse.

For those keen to reach new heights, take the Hohe Salve cable car to the top of the Hohe Salve mountain and visit Austria’s highest pilgrimage church, the Salvenkirchlein. From 1,829 m elevation, enjoy impressive views of the surrounding mountains and over 70 three thousand metre peaks!

Can I bring my dog?

More often than not, dogs become bewitched by the witches! Who knows, you might just come home with a guinea pig or a fish instead! But worry not, this won’t happen if you keep your dog on a lead and always take good care of him. Please take care not to let your dog into the water and to remove doggie droppings. Luckily, the Hexenwasser Söll offers dedicated bathing areas for dogs.

What should I know about group tours?

If you would like to visit the Hexenwasser as a group or school class, please contact the Bergbahn Söll in advance to register.

> contact form for school/kindergarten, Hexenwasser tours, bus groups and children's birthday parties,

> information on current opening hours, guided tours and prices

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Ellmau, Going, Scheffau and Söll

Location and getting here

Hexenwasser Söll

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