Summer in the Wilder Kaiser region

Experience the Wilder Kaiser up close



Experience the Wilder Kaiser up close

In the season from June to August, every nature lover and outdoor enthusiast gets their money's worth in the Wilder Kaiser region.
The days are long and the nights mild. While people are sweating in their cars in the big cities, we enjoy cooling off at night and the morning dew on the meadows where the first rays of sunshine glisten at the start of the day.

Whilst the streams ripple, they offer hikers, cyclists and mountaineers cool refreshment - regardless of whether you just fill up a drinks bottle or jump headlong into one of the lakes. The summer in the Wilder Kaiser is #evenbetterinreality.

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Forest bathing - a different kind of cooling down

Get away from everyday life and straight into the forest: enjoy and experience the forest with all your senses to regain energy and vitality for daily life.



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