Blue Moon route

Blue Moon route


Admittedly, everything on the Blue Moon climbing tour revolves around the 5th pitch. It’s readily visible on the approach even without a telescope, though it’s as if this dihedral is from another galaxy! At the very least, its like something out of a picture book, stretching more than one and a quarter pitch lengths. While climbing, you might find yourself thinking: It's working! The plan! And the moon! But soon you’ll be doing your best Piaz impression, taking your shoulders to the limit while using the layback climbing technique! All the while you’ll be in awe of the climbing lines Mother Earth can create. Small wonder that this Blue Moon tour is so popular! In case the lead climber falls, the safety equipment is good, but not excellent.
But what about the Blue Moon’s other eleven and three-quarter pitches? At the beginning, there is some searching for the right line. But towards the top, things really take off quickly. Between tufts of grass, there is some really fine and versatile limestone rock. It’s just how you’d imagine the perfect moon landing!

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  • Starting point: Wegscheid car park, Scheffau (883 m)

    Follow trail no. 826 past the Wegscheid-Niederalm and Wegscheid-Hochalm to the intersection with the Wilder-Kaiser-Steig trail. Continue north past the waterfall (store your backpack here) and further on into the Schneekar cirque.
    At the end of a section of mountain pine, continue straight through the cirque to the already clearly visible dihedral pitches.

    The entry point is located directly in the fall line.

  • 2,0

  • From the Kopfkraxen on the marked trail down the Wiesberg mountain. At Sonnenstein follow the signs to the waterfall (approx. 1h 30 min). Further descent like approach.

    Refreshment stop nearby: Restaurant Jägerwirt

  • 2,5

  • 50m rope, 12 quickdraws, slings, friends, rocks

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50,0 m 3+
40,0 m 4-
45,0 m 6+
35,0 m 1
50,0 m 5-
45,0 m 6
40,0 m 5
30,0 m 5
45,0 m 6
45,0 m 2
35 m 6
40 m 6-
40 m 2
35 m 4+

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Beautiful, Alpine sport climbing with consistent difficulty.

Number of rope lengths11

Alpine climbing route

Multi-rope length difficulty levels7-




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  • Valley
  • 5 km/h
  • -3° Mountain
  • 90 %



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  • Valley
  • 5 km/h
  • -2° Mountain
  • 85 %

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6 °C

  • -1° Valley
  • 5 km/h
  • -1° Mountain
  • 35 %



11 °C

  • -3° Valley
  • 5 km/h
  • Mountain
  • 5 %


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