Wilder Kaiser water

Quality drinking water from the Wilder Kaiser region

Enjoy the highest quality drinking water at the Wilder Kaiser waters and enjoy the best water from the tap.


Wilder Kaiser water

Quality drinking water from the Wilder Kaiser region

As residents of the Wilder Kaiser region, locals sometimes don’t recognise what a luxury it is to live in one of the most beautiful mountain ranges. One of these “luxuries," which cannot be valued highly enough, is water. And yet water, as it is available in its many important forms, should not be taken for granted.

Examples include rushing mountain streams where water bottles can be refilled on a hot day, village fountains where you take a few cool sips as you pass by, and also the cool, fresh air that emanates from the “gorges” that acts as local air conditioning. But of course there are also hiking destinations such as the Schleier waterfall or the shimmering turquoise waters of the region’s natural jewels. The unique Hintersteiner See lake, which invites you to swim in spite of, or perhaps because of, its permanently cool temperature, is just such a place. At such times, a refreshing dip is the best thing in the world.

It is not only lakes, streams and gorges that enchant with the "Wilder Kaiser Water". The water can be enjoyed in all hotel and restaurant establishments and in your accommodation - simply from the tap!

5 reasons for the water at the Wilder Kaiser

  • Experience the region with all your senses
  • Save plastic bottles
  • Avoid transport routes
  • Pure refreshment & enjoyment
  • High quality

Experience water with all senses

  • Taste - Enjoy the pure refreshment of our clean water. For a special treat: try a schnapps. Of course, it's also distilled with Wilder Kaiser water.
  • Feel - You can experience the refreshment of water at the Hexenwasser in Söll, in one of the mountain streams at the Wilder Kaiser or while swimming and bathing in our lakes.
  • Listening - The soundscape in nature is also characterised by the rush of water and the splashing of streams. Do you know the Schleier Waterfall - there you can hear Wilder Kaiser water in Dolby Surround Sound!
  • Seeing - Water in the form of lakes, streams, rivers and waterfalls adorns the landscape at the Wilder Kaiser. One of our jewels here is Hintersteiner See lake, which not only invites you to swim, but is also pure joy to behold.
  • Smell - You can also smell our water. Step into the graduation plant of the Kneipp path in Scheffau and enjoy the scent of mountain pines and salt water - unique, isn't it?

Experience the Wilder Kaiser water

Hexenwasser theme park Söll

Head to the mountain instead of the lake in Hochsöll: The Hexenwasser theme park boasts numerous water play stations, which allow guests to cool off on hot days.

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