The Bergdoktor winter special

Experience winter in the Wilder Kaiser region

© Manuel Bialucha

“Der Bergdoktor” is as much a part of the Wilder Kaiser region as the snow that covers its ski slopes and cross-country trails in winter. What could be better than combining the two? The annual winter special of the Bergdoktor show features as much excitement and emotion as any other episode, but they are presented on a very special stage: the gorgeous winter landscape of the Wilder Kaiser mountain range.

No true fan of the Bergdoktor show would ever miss the winter special. But why limit yourself to watching the Bergdoktor world on television? Come and experience it up close: during the Fan Days in May and October, at the Mountain Festival in September or on a tour of the snow-covered filming locations of the show. The Bergdoktor winter special is everyday life on the Wilder Kaiser mountain. The stage is set for a wonderful winter holiday!

Filming locations in winter

Hiking tip in winter

Bergdoktor tour of Ellmau & Going

Bergdoktor tour of Ellmau & Going
  • Hiking info point, Ellmau (800 m)

A tour of the main filming locations of the TV series “Der Bergdoktor” (The Mountain Doctor) in Ellmau and Going, with a refreshment stop at the inn used during filming

  • Hiking
  • Easy
  • 11,4 km
  • 4:15 h
  • 180 hm

Bergdoktor activity programme

Bergdoktor Fan Day

Bergdoktor Fan Day

During the Bergdoktor Fan Day everything will be about the popular TV series. Don't miss your chance to meet the actors in person and experience the beautiful home region of the Mountain Doctor up close.

Bergdoktor Mountain Festival

Bergdoktor Mountain Festival

At the Bergdoktor Mountain Festival the Bergdoktor star will be within reach at the Hexenwasser Theme Park in Söll. Visitors get to ask Hans Sigl and his fellow cast members questions and meet them up close.

Bergdoktor Show

Bergdoktor Show

Bergdoktor Show at the marquee in Ellmau. Hans Sigl presents the stage programme, accompanied by his fellow cast members and fabulous live music.

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