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An overview of seasons 1–15

Neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft (ndF) has been filming a new season of the popular TV show Der Bergdoktor in the Wilder Kaiser region every year since 2007. The series is aired on the ZDF and ORF.

Der Bergdoktor - season 16

The separation from Anne and the fact that his son lives with Franziska in the US is difficult for Martin to deal with. Anne is lacking at the farm and the Gruberhof is once again in deep financial trouble. Meanwhile, Lilli starts an internship at the clinic. There she meets her grandfather and aunt - Rolf and Caro Pflüger - and her interest in her late mother's family grows. Martin and his brother Hans agree to keep the Pflügers at arm's length, but then Rolf Pflüger, of all people, takes the initiative and makes a promising offer. He wants to join Grubermilch as a partner, but Hans is convinced that a too close connection to his late wife's family would not be good for the Grubers as a family. Caro, who supports her father's plan, urges Martin to change his brother's mind. In doing so, he comes under pressure because a secret from the past threatens to come to light.

Martin decides to confess and in doing so deeply hurts his brother Hans. The whole family threatens to fall apart. In this difficult situation, Martin receives a surprising invitation. He is asked to visit his son Johann and Franziska in New York. Since all his attempts at reconciliation fail, he looks for a successor for his practice and organises a flat in New York. Neither Lisbeth nor Lilli can persuade him to stay. For how long he wants to stay, he does not know...

Der Bergdoktor - season 15

Franziska wants to move to New York before the birth of her son. Martin certifies that she is fit to fly, but during the flight to America she collapses and ends up in intensive care. This causes Martin a lot of problems. Franziska's mother Thea wants to deny him access and report him for negligence. The medical association also threatens consequences. Franziska doesn't notice any of this, she is in a coma. Her son is taken out without her being conscious. But Thea demands that Martin relinquish custody and has the Grubermilch bottling plant shut down as a means of exerting pressure. Only when Franziska wakes up from the coma are Martin and Anne able to bring the little boy to the Gruberhof. There Anne takes care of Martin's son Johann.

Meanwhile, Martin is also busy every day with the fates and special illness stories of his patients. Lilli, on the other hand, is thinking about helping out in her friend Robert's workshop and quitting her job at the practice to do so.

Franziska soon feels better and is able to take Johann back to her. Will she immediately leave for New York again and what will happen to Anne, who has been taking care of the baby for the last few weeks?

Der Bergdoktor - season 14

After several years, Martin Gruber (Hans Sigl) is finally doing well with his girlfriend Anne (Ines Lutz). They enjoy their time together and are only disturbed by the odd medical emergency.

Unfortunately, hard times are once again ahead at the Gruberhof. Franziska (Simone Hanselmann) is pregnant and Martin is the father of her baby. After Anne finds out about the pregnancy, she is devastated. What is going to happen now? Martin is torn between his love for Anne and his future role as a father.

Along the way, he is also preoccupied with the fates of his patients. Will he be able to help them all and how will develop his relationship with Anne and the Gruberhof?

Der Bergdoktor – season 13

Bernd Tannhofer (Anian Zollner), owner of a small dairy, has suddenly collapsed. Doctor Martin Gruber (Hans Sigl) is called to his alpine farm to help. All signs seem to point towards an epileptic seizure, but there is no detectable cause. When Tannhofer’s young son develops a fever, Dr Kahnweiler (Mark Keller), Dr Fendrich (Rebecca Immanuel) and Dr Gruber begin to suspect poisoning. But Martin’s investigations gradually reveal a terrible truth.

Meanwhile, Lisbeth (Monika Baumgartner) and Martin’s ex-girlfriend Anne (Ines Lutz) work on their plans for the future of the Gruberhof farm. Anne has decided to start serving food at the traditional alpine farmhouse and selling their cows’ milk under the brand name ‘Grubermilch’ to make a profit. Although Martin and Anne struggle with the situation, it relieves Martin’s brother Hans (Heiko Ruprecht) of his odious duties, allowing him to move into the inn with his child and his girlfriend, Susanne (Natalie O’Hara) and have the quiet family life he has wanted.

Der Bergdoktor – season 12

Martin Gruber is happy to be reunited with his old friends Heiko and Hermine, with whom he spent some time in New York many years ago. Together with Hans, his brother, Martin organises a ski tour led by the experienced mountain guide Tom and his girlfriend, Nina. Disaster strikes as an avalanche traps the group. Martin, Hans, Heiko and Nina can escape by a whisker, but Hermine and Tom are nowhere to be found. A desperate rescue mission eventually manages to find and save them, but they have suffered severe hypothermia.

The relationship between the Gruber family and Uncle Ludwig is deteriorating rapidly. Ludwig is demanding his share of the inheritance: the Gruberhof farm. His health is worsening, too. Lisbeth meets Ludwig for dinner. Her memories of their affair still excite her. Meanwhile, Martin and Franziska are enjoying their own carefree liaison. But Franziska’s next-door neighbour briefly disturbs their peace: she is Martin’s ex-girlfriend, Anne, and she is going through a hard time.

Der Bergdoktor – season 11

Now that the Mountain Doctor, Dr Martin Gruber, has split up with Rike and there is no longer any bad blood between him and his ex-girlfriend, Anne, he should be free to focus on his work. But trouble is already brewing: Ludwig Gruber, the brother of Martin’s and Hans’ father, Johann Gruber, suddenly shows up in Ellmau. Ludwig had left the region after he and Johann went on a mountain tour together and his brother was killed in an accident 20 years ago. But the family is less than pleased to see him. Martin’s relationship with his uncle had never been very good; Lisbeth blames Ludwig for her husband’s death, and there are other reasons for her deep animosity towards him, too. Only Hans Gruber had always been fond of his uncle and is pleased to see him again. Lilli does not know what to make of all the fuss: after all, her great-uncle is very ill and seeks reconciliation. Inadvertently, Ludwig drives a wedge between the family members.

Der Bergdoktor – season 10

As Dr Martin Gruber reopens his practice, his patients confront him with quite a few personal and professional challenges. Things go downhill when he is admitted to the Klinikum Hall hospital as a patient. The senior physician, Dr Kahnweiler, and Dr Vera Fendrich are less than pleased: as always, the Mountain Doctor does things in his own way. Meanwhile, Martin is taking stock of his private life: what does he really want? He and his former partner, Anne, have broken up on bad terms, and his fresh relationship with insurance agent Rike is already in limbo. Lisbeth Gruber wants her son to talk things through with Anne for the sake of the future of the family-run farm. Rike, on the other hand, wants Martin to move in with her.

Der Bergdoktor – season 9

Season 9 of the successful series does not give Dr Martin Gruber (Hans Sigl) many breaks: he keeps putting his heart and soul into his work to help his patients, who are very dear to him. After Arthur Distelmeier’s death, Martin and Arthur’s daughter Anne attempt to rekindle their star-crossed relationship. They run into trouble as Anne struggles to stave off financial ruin. Meanwhile, Lilli is in New Zealand, Hans looks after the Gruberhof, and Lisbeth is still recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning, although she is itching to resume work on the farm.

Der Bergdoktor – season 8

Season 8 of the gripping series about Hans Sigl’s character and his adventures in the Wilder Kaiser region starts with a bang: a failed rescue mission plunges the Mountain Doctor into an existential crisis. He secludes himself in Ursula Strauss’ alpine inn, where he hopes to rediscover himself. A young girl is recovered from an avalanche barely alive, but Martin Gruber’s efforts to save her life fail. The incident nearly breaks the courageous doctor’s spirits: he is haunted by nightmares, begins to doubt his own skill, and completely withdraws from life and work. He retreats to a remote mountain village, but his medical expertise does not go unnoticed: Martin’s help is needed once again.

Der Bergdoktor – season 7

Dr Martin Gruber wants to start building his future with Anne. The couple moves into Martin’s father’s farm together, but Martin soon has to return to the Gruberhof: Arthur’s discharge from rehab upsets his and Anne’s plans. Meanwhile, Hans flirts with Jonas’ teacher. When Susanne finds out, she kicks Hans out of the house. Lilli is heartbroken: Carsten split up with her just before going on a tour with his band. Dr Vera Fendrich moves in with Dr Kahnweiler; the latter is sceptical about their relationship but reluctant to speak up. Lisbeth had been left feeling as though she was no longer needed and everyone had abandoned her, but at the end of the season, both her sons are back with her at the Gruberhof.

Der Bergdoktor – season 6

The Mountain Doctor is facing a whole host of challenges: his private life is in disarray, and mysterious illnesses and risky rescue missions take up the last of his energy. Having finally come to terms with the end of his last relationship, Dr Martin Gruber was hoping to let his romantic life rest a little, but he cannot resist the sassy charm of Anne Meierling...

Der Bergdoktor – season 5

Martin Gruber’s life is turned upside down by a series of unforeseen events. Lena’s still legally wed husband Tom is deteriorating rapidly under Martin’s medical care. Lena blames Martin – her new partner – for Tom’s condition, and Martin fears for their love. The ill husband is not helping things between them along, either: he is trying to win Lena’s affection back. Martin’s daughter Lilli is making life hard for the Mountain Doctor, too...

Der Bergdoktor – season 4

Martin Gruber, the Mountain Doctor, faces new medical and private struggles on the Wilder Kaiser mountain. While he fears for the life of his girlfriend, Andrea, his brother Hans cancels his wedding with Klara. And quite a few lost mountaineers desperately need Martin’s help, too.

Der Bergdoktor – season 3

A lot is happening at the Gruberhof and down in the valley. Martin’s new love seems poised to leave him, and a former fiancée suddenly shows up. His brother, Hans, is struggling with his own love life, while his mother, Lisbeth is infatuated with a restaurant critic. Even Lilli has fallen in love!

Der Bergdoktor – season 2

The Mountain Doctor Martin Gruber has settled into his old home region of Tirol – and fallen in love. But things are not all roses on the Wilder Kaiser mountain: dramatic conflicts affect Martin Gruber’s life more than he would like.

Der Bergdoktor – season 1

Five years after his last visit to his family on the Wilder Kaiser mountain, Dr Martin Gruber returns to Ellmau from the US. He only meant to see his mother for her birthday, but then, he finds out that Lilli is his daughter, and Dr Melchinger talks him into taking over the local clinic.

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