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Filming guesthouse "Wilder Kaiser" and church with cemetery

The village square is the heart of the location. The "Wilder Kaiser" guesthouse can also be seen here, which was turned into a guesthouse for the purposes of filming since the start of the shooting in the peaceful former farmhouse, where the owner Johann Gschwendtner lives. "It goes round and round during the shooting", says the aged landlord, "I'm only left with my room as a safe haven". After the shooting hours, it is peaceful in the house that many stories can be narrated. The village fountain made of stone with a copper statue built in the 1960s, which represents the Holy Florian, the patron saint of the fire services, is a gem of the village.

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At the church square in Going, you will find a small Bergdoktor hut with additional information about the filming location and a beautiful surprise in Summers. Access road for buses up to the village square Going blocked! Parking options for buses and cars's at the fire services parking location in Going (10 minutes travel time up to the village square).

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Film locations - Village square Going6353 Going am Wilden Kaiser(0043) 50509

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