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Hüttenkrimi auf der Jägerhütte



Hüttenkrimi auf der Jägerhütte

Saturday, September 21, 2019

17:30 - 23:30 ClockSat

JägerhütteFaistenbichl 476352 Ellmau


The Hüttenkrimi at the Jägerhütte

The group makes its way to the Jägerhütte. At the scene of the crime all guests take over the investigation, secure traces and evaluate evidence. Arrived at the hut, the thriller takes its course with delicacies...
We finish the investigation before dessert. During the incredibly exciting showdown you experience the arrest of the perpetrator and the honouring of the best investigator.

More information, dates & tickets at: www.huettenkrimi.com


Abt. SOKO "Hüttenkrimi"crossing mind e.K.Gewerbering 27(0049) 8041 43925-30vorzimmer@huettenkrimi.comwww.huettenkrimi.com

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