Hiking with children

Family tours in the Wilder Kaiser region


Hiking with children

Family tours in the Wilder Kaiser region

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Does your child have an insatiable urge to explore nature independently? Then hiking is exactly the right activity! Luckily, the Wilder Kaiser region offers boundless opportunities: Lush meadows, majestic mountain peaks and azure-blue mountain lakes ensure that every trail is a source of wonder. Let your next hike become an unforgettable holiday experience for family members of all ages in the Wilder Kaiser region.

The Kaisergebirge mountain range even features pram-friendly hiking trails. While younger children experience the magic of the Alpine atmosphere, older children can make new friends on guided family hikes. Hiking with children is therefore more than just walking; It’s an opportunity for the entire family to embark on new adventures.

Thorough planning

What should be considered when hiking with a child?

  • Arrange the hiking tour according to the age of the child(ren) and allow plenty of time for breaks.
  • Find out whether there are places to stop for refreshments (huts) on the selected tour. If not, pack sufficient provisions (food and drink).
  • Ask the tourist office about the trail conditions and its "pushchair suitability".
  • Consider whether a means of transport should be taken along for the children. If they have no strength left, they can make the rest of the walk in a carrier or pram.
  • Depending on the difficulty of your hike, book a Tyrolean hiking guide or mountain guide. He/she knows the tours in the region like the back of his hand and will show you the special places on your desired tour.
  • Plan individual experiences where the children can discover the forest, play in the creek, watch animals or pick flowers. These are the highlights of every family hike.
  • Get more tips and advice for your safety on the mountain

Further tips

for a perfect family hike

  • Involve children in the planning of the hike
  • Set interesting destinations (e.g. huts, lakes or summits)
  • Collect small souvenirs (stones, cones or snail shells may be collected)
  • Let children pack their own backpack (attention: total weight max. 10% of body weight)
  • Leave the guiding of the tour to the children (finding the way, reading the map, etc.)
  • Pay attention to the length of the path (one kilometre per year of age)
  • Hiking with other families (children motivate each other)
  • Children's shoes should have ankle support and a non-slip sole

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