State certified mountain & ski guides

in the Wilder Kaiser region

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Anyone who spends time in the mountains is inevitably exposed to the dangers of the Alpine environment. Why not trust in the certified quality of the Wilder Kaiser region’s experienced mountain guides? Mountain guides are trained climbing and mountaineering professionals and will guide you safely to the summit. Their knowledge of the mountains and especially the Wilder Kaiser region will enable you to fully enjoy your ascent to the peak of your choice where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the valley below.

In spite of careful planning, there is always a risk of unforeseen events that are beyond a mountain guide’s control. As a result, honest self-appraisal is essential before starting any tour.

Sure-footedness and a good head for heights are the most important prerequisites when ascending any mountain in the Kaisergebirge range, even if you are accompanied by a certified mountain guide.

Mountain and ski guides

The Kitzbühel mountain guides
The Kitzbühel mountain guides

All Kitzbühel mountain guides are highly trained mountain and ski guides. Ready to share their passion for the mountains with you, together they stand for quality and safety at the highest level.

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