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Genussstubn Hochfilzer - Culinary with a view
In Hochfilzer, enjoyment is very important. Helmut and Heidi Hochfilzer personally take care of the well-being of the guests. The Hochfilzer's place good value on top quality. Therefore, they use only regional products that meet these high standards and, wherever possible, resort to organic food.

Tradition meets avant-garde
In the culinary delights of the Genussstubn we have specialized in Tyrolean traditional food, which is reinterpreted in a sophisticated way. Gourmet chef Helmut spoils his guests with extraordinary creations in which diverse flavors and textures come together to form a harmonious unit.

Panorama & enjoyment
On the spacious sun terrace, you can then enjoy these delicacies to the fullest and let the breathtaking panorama of the Hohe Salve on you. Helmut hosts his popular barbecues there every summer. With much passion and dedication, he creates multi-course menus. But do not worry, even at home you do not have to do without it, because in his well-attended grill courses, the certified barbecue trainer is happy to pass on his knowledge to those who are interested.

Riding only in summer possible.


HochfilzerReit 1A - 6306 Söll(0043) 5333 5491info@hochfilzer.infowww.hochfilzer.info

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Currently closedopen from 08.05.2020

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Sunnseit winter circuit

Sunnseit winter circuit

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Kleiner Pölven mountain

Kleiner Pölven mountain

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