Strategy 2024

Focus on sustainability and quality of life

We listen and promote dialogue
We take responsibility for nature and society.
We thereby improve the quality of life & create added value.


Strategy 2024

Focus on sustainability and quality of life

As early as 2017, the Wilder Kaiser tourist board launched a community participation campaign under the motto "Quality of Life in the Wilder Kaiser region." Tourism experts, community representatives and community members discussed together the question of what tourism should look like going forward and how it can meet the needs of all people who holiday, live and work here and at the same time while still assuming responsibility for nature and society. This has given rise to Strategy 2024, the tourist board’s strategy until the year 2024.

In the spring of 2021, the tourist board held a series of workshops entitled "Change as an Opportunity" to review the validity of its strategy, to sharpen its focus in some areas, and to expand it where necessary. This has given rise to the region’s own self perception of "quality of life through sustainable tourism," which now forms the long-term foundation and framework for all tourism work in the region.

The six fields of action

In addition to the vision and mission, which together form the Wilder Kaiser tourist board’s own self-perception, the focus is now on six fields of action which form the framework for concrete (existing but also future) campaigns and projects.

We take responsibility for nature

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▹ We protect and care for our natural and recreational environment
▹ We use resources sparingly and responsibly
▹ We pay attention to the tourism carbon footprint of our guests

In 2024, at least 33,000 guests per year are expected to arrive by train instead of by car, which will also reduce intra-regional traffic. Extensive on-site mobility and several cooperations with the Deutsche Bahn railways have already been initiated for this purpose.

A summary of targets until 2024:
- 33,000 train arrivals per year (= triple the amount of guests compared to 2018)
- Further development and promotion of alternatives to the private car (promote free on-site mobility, e-bikes and other environmentally friendly means of transport)

We experience the region together

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▹ Attractive pedestrian zones in the town centres
▹ Recreational infrastructure that’s equally accessible to all
▹ Events that take into account the interests of all stakeholders

All stakeholders benefit from attractive, lively village centres. Enacted, reduced-traffic, pedestrian-friendly walking zones serve as the basis for active commerce, appealing restaurants, and local-friendly events.

A summary of targets until 2024:
- One inner-city pedestrian zone per village by 2024
- Locals can take advantage of the same or better conditions available to guests

We promote quality of life in the Wilder Kaiser Region

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▹ We make the "Wilder Kaiser" brand even more valuable
▹ Measures to balance the number of guests throughout the year
▹ We improve quality of life by creating added value for tourism

In order to improve added value for tourism without increasing pressure on nature and the local population, the occupancy rate should only be increased in the low and shoulder seasons. New hotels, on the other hand, which primarily bring more overnight stays in the peak season, are not desirable.

At the same time, many hosts do not yet charge the market price at certain times. The tourist board wants to provide guidance in this regard and also provide instruments to increase added value without additional overnight stays. A strong Wilder Kaiser brand and an increase in advance sales of ancillary services should also increase guests' willingness to pay.

A summary of targets until 2024:
- 20% increase in the number of overnight stays in the low season
- 50% increase in overnight stays in the shoulder season (starting from a very low level)
- Price increase for apartments all year round by 4% per year (incl. inflation)
- Price increase for rooms in the high season by 4% per year (incl. inflation)
- Price increase for the activity programme by 4% per year (incl. inflation)
- Increase willingness to pay for the Wilder Kaiser brand through higher-quality marketing
- Increase the upfront share of sales for ancillary services to 30% by 2024

We support regional cycles

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▹ We combine tourism with agriculture & forestry
▹ We combine tourism with regional handicrafts
▹ We combine tourism with science & research

"Regional" is trendy, there's no doubt about it. While many have only recently learned to appreciate the farm shop around the corner due to the coronavirus, lockdown and restricted access to shops, the Wilder Kaiser region has long been aware what its many producers have to offer. Also in the context of the "Quality of Life in the Wilder Kaiser region" community participation project, the diversity and quality of regional products, as well as the interaction of agriculture and forestry, handicrafts and tourism were repeatedly addressed. As part of the Project “Marketplace" campaign, an important step was taken to highlight regional quality and to bring consumers and producers together.

We take social responsibility

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▹ We promote dialogue and facilitate involvement
▹ We appreciate clubs/associations and landowners
▹ Support for family businesses, but not for the promotion of new hotels

What kind of tourism benefits everyone? We ask ourselves this question as part of the "Quality of Life in the Wilder Kaiser region" community participation project, because where better to answer this question than in a group where everyone can contribute their ideas, but also their criticism? We want to continue along this path of participation and involvement. Appreciation for neighbours, landowners and associations is the basis for dialogue and involvement.

A summary of targets until 2024:
- Giving community members the opportunity for dialogue, participation and involvement
- Appreciation for associations and landowners

We work in tourism

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▹ We strengthen leadership qualities and employee commitment
▹ We improve the image of the tourism industry regionally
▹ We strengthen regional feel-good factors and income

The aim is to show that community members are connected with tourism and benefit directly from it. Therefore, the conditions for entrepreneurs and employees in tourism must be demonstrably improved. Concrete measures have already been taken, i.e. the „Kaiserschaft“, a group of particularly committed tourism employers, the StaffCard, and the recruiting coach. Thanks to dedicated training programmes such as the "KaiserEDU Talent Workshop," which is intended to counteract the shortage of skilled workers that has been exacerbated in part by the pandemic, we are taking a proactive approach in the region.

A summary of targets until 2024:
- Improve the image of the industry locally
- Improve pay and benefits at the company and regional levels
- Improve supporting conditions such as childcare, accommodation and local transport
- Expand support for employers in finding and retaining employees

"Tourism is not an end in itself, but one of several ways to improve quality of life in a region. To achieve this improvement, we need to examine the benefits it brings, such as leisure opportunities, infrastructure, gastronomy, social encounters and much more... but also honestly deal with the negative side effects such as traffic, energy and land consumption, noise, rubbish or crowds, and find solutions to them together," says Tourist Board Managing Director Lukas Krösslhuber on the participatory approach behind Strategy 2024.

Krösslhuber explains why the working programme was readdressed before its expiry: “We actually hadn’t planned any updates before the year 2024. In our workshop series 'Change as an Opportunity', however, there was such public engagement and such a thirst for action among participants that we took the opportunity to take the next step now. And that means taking even more responsibility for people and nature.”

How will this strategy be implemented? “Our self-perception, which is anchored in the long term, is a very clear commitment to sustainable tourism at all levels. In addition, there are concrete existing projects that we want to devote ourselves to even more intensively - from free on-site mobility to green events and the Common Good Balance Sheet as well as the cessation of fireworks. Lastly, there are new project ideas that have emerged directly from the process which illustrate the path we have taken," says Krösslhuber.

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Quality of life
Quality of life

in the Wilder Kaiser region

In 2017, the Wilder Kaiser Tourist Board and the four municipalities of Ellmau, Going, Scheffau and Söll launched the community participation campaign "Quality of Life in the Wilder Kaiser region."

As part of this process, various initiatives and projects were launched and implemented.


A video about the first version of Strategy 2024

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