Children's programme & playgrounds


Children and family programme

Guided adventures and playgrounds in the Wilder Kaiser region

All young guests and families are invited to participate in the Wilder Kaiser region’s nature-oriented and creative play programmes. Every year, a new playful motto with a strong connection to nature is selected and implemented at a high level. In 2022 this motto is "Fichtenliesl”.

2022 summer programme


© Thomas Steinlechner / Familiennester

At first, the Fichtenliesl was not very happy about her new roommate. He was constantly knocking on her bark, the woodpecker Seppi. He felt safe in the branches and built his cave in the middle of the spruce. One day a heavy storm came. Seppi clung to his Fichtenliesl and the old lady realised how fond she had become of the woodpecker. But Seppi was carried away by the wind. The Fichtenliesl began to cry terribly. Then she heard children's voices. "Why are you so sad?" they asked. "The wind has blown away my woodpecker Seppi." The children felt for the spruce and started to search. Soon more and more animals of the forest joined them. And indeed, together they found the woodpecker. Seppi was surprised, because he was fine. He was a little dazed, but nibbled away with relish - cranberries, beetles, earthworms. At first Seppi didn't want to leave this place. But when he heard about the sad Fichtenlisl, his heart warmed and he flew straight back to his cave. You can imagine how happy Fichtenliesl was. Since then, the old spruce has had regular visitors and suddenly no longer seemed old at all. Quite the opposite. She even wore a red stitch, like a young lady.

Would you also like to go on a trail through the forest? Then let yourself be inspired by the varied family programme. Then let yourself be inspired by the diverse family programme.

Activity programme for families
Activity programme for families

Fun for young and old

Not only the summer programme offers adventure experiences in nature, but also the activity programme for families. Look forward to a varied offer ranging from llama trekking, canyoning to family climbing.



In addition to the seven fun mountain adventure worlds, there are also numerous opportunities in the valley for children and young people to blow off steam. A list of playgrounds in the Wilder Kaiser region is available here. In addition,
many individual inns and farms also offer playgrounds and attractions for your cherished little ones to romp and play.

  • Alle
  • Scheffau
  • Going
  • Söll
  • Ellmau

Quality-tested family accommodation

Quality-tested family accommodation

At the premium accommodations approved by ‘Familiennester Tirol,’ a family-oriented stay is top priority. Eleven accommodation providers in the Wilder Kaiser region have already been awarded a seal of quality.

7 Mountain Adventure Worlds

7 Mountain Adventure Worlds

A fun way to experience naturel The Wilder Kaiser region boasts Austria’s highest density of Mountain Adventure Worlds, inviting you to consciously discover nature in a playful and exciting way.

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