Correct Behaviour at Alpine pastures

For the safe coexistence of humans, animals and nature

Enjoy cooler temperatures at mountain pastures - This is possible for holidaymakers as well as locals in the Wilder Kaiser region. Every year, numerous grazing animals head up the mountains to make the most of the lush Alpine meadows. There they spend the summer ranging freely.

Throughout Tirol, Alpine pastures shape the culture. They are also popular destinations for excursions. To be able to enjoy these unique, well-kept landscapes, we need farmers willing to take care of these environments every day, especially in summer. Together, we can ensure the safe and respectful coexistence of animals and people by following these simple rules of conduct when dealing with grazing animals. For the safe coexistence of humans, animals and nature.

10 rules of conduct for dealing with grazing animals

  • Avoid direct contact with grazing animals. Keep a safe distance and do not feed the animals
  • Behave calmly and do not frighten the grazing livestock
  • Mother cows protect their calves. Therefore, avoid encounters between mother cows and dogs.
  • Keep your dog under control and on a short leash. If you foresee an attack by a grazing animal, leash your dog immediately!
  • If grazing animals are blocking the way, avoid them by keeping as much distance as possible
  • Do not leave the hiking trails on Alpine pastures and meadows
  • When approaching grazing animals: Remain calm, do not turn your back to the animals and avoid them
  • Note the fences. If there is a gate, use it and close it properly afterwards. Cross through pastures quickly
  • Leave the grazing area at the first sign of unrest in the herd/grazing animal
  • Treat the people working here, the natural environment and the animals with respect.
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