Ellmau Stone Circle

Natural energy field in the Wilder Kaiser region

© TVB Wilder Kaiser

Just 30 minutes above the Wochenbrunner Alm hut lies the Ellmau Stone Circle, a natural, self-contained energy field in the form of a giant mandala. Sensitive people tend to feel themselves drawn to a particular stone on which to rest and meditate. But even less experienced visitors can feel the power of the stones and the Wilder Kaiser, and some of them have even found that the stone circle circular walk has helped them to clarify their thoughts and given them energy.

Allow this extraordinary stone circle to draw you in, leave your everyday worries behind and soak up the splendour of nature.

Ellmau Stone Circle circuit

Ellmau Stone Circle circuit

Head through well-shaded forests of green to reach the Ellmau Stone Circle. This is a place with a special energy, making it an inviting option for taking some time to relax.

  • Hiking starting point Wochenbrunner Alm, Ellmau (1,085 m)
  • Hiking
  • Intermediate
  • 2,4 km
  • 1:00 h
  • 120 hm

What is the story behind the Ellmau Stone Circle?

The Ellmau Stone Circle is the brainchild of Peter Moser (TVB WK Ellmau). After having a close look at the area and detecting a high-energy structure underlying the site, I decided to establish a stone circle there. As my plans took shape, I gained more and more fascinating insights. Thanks to my experience (21 years of INAMANA research), I was able to determine the most effective shape for the stone circle, developed specifically for this very location. The centre (a concentration spot of 18 cm) emits about 77 x 77 forms of terrestrial-cosmic radiation. But the full radiation spectrum mostly remains an INAMANA secret!

The three main shapes of the Ellmau Stone Circle

  • The INAMANA STONE CIRCLE made of 20 stones – with 77 x 77 forms of radiation
  • The STONE CIRCLE SYMBOL (mandala) with 66 x 66 forms of radiation
  • The Stone Circle circuit (hiking time: 1 hour and 15 minutes) with 48 x 48 forms of radiation.
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