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The "Routes & Tours” brochure provides an overview of the numerous climbing gardens and fixed rope routes in the Wilder Kaiser region.

In addition, detailed information on climbing gardens is also available from the "Sportklettern in Nordtirol (Sport Climbing in North Tirol)” sports climbing guide by Michael Meisl. With almost 5000 routes described across 672 pages, the volume details North Tirol’s very best climbing areas.

In the latest edition of the Alpinkletterführer Wilder Kaiser (Wilder Kaiser Alpine climbing guidebook), Wilder Kaiser expert Markus Stadler from Rosenheim describes more than 200 routes in detail across 424 pages, including classics from the history of Alpine climbing such as the ‘Dülfer’ routes on the Totenkirchl or Fleischbank mountains as well as bolt-secured plaisir and challenging Alpine sport climbing routes.

In the book "Wilder Kaiser - 200 Jahre Alpingeschichte und Reisekultur’ (Wilder Kaiser - 200 years of Alpine history and tourism)" by Gebhard Bendler, explore the region’s tourism history, learn about the visionary personalities who shaped the Kaisergebirge mountain range, and about the development of the Wilder Kaiser’s south face.

Now the only things left to decide are which route and which type of climbing suits your fancy? All the recommended books are written in German.

Climbing literature

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