Alpinolino Westendorf

Open today

09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Bergliftstraße 18, Westendorf


In the Alpinolino Westendorf, the alpine discovery park on the adventure area of the Talkaser (1,770 m) in Westendorf, everything revolves around fun and the spirit of adventure.

On the tracks of the eagle Bert you can climb the adventurous celestial stone to discover the secrets of the mountain animals from the Kitzbühel Alps. If you really want to reach high altitudes, you should visit the "flight school" of the eagle Horst. There you can get very close to the feeling of flying birds.

Even more surprises await all curious discoverers at the many exciting stations where you can experience the Tyrolean mountain world with its animals and plants with all your senses.

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