Alpinolino Westendorf

Bergliftstraße 18, Westendorf


At Alpinolino, the Alpine discovery park at the Talkaser (1,770 m) in Westendorf, everything revolves around fun and adventure. Following the flight of Bert the Eagle, discover and explore the mysteries of the mountain animals from the Kitzbühel Alps as you climb higher towards the sky. Hide like a marmot, have a jumping competition with weasels and rabbits, climb like a mountain goat or bravely scale the peak with the eagle’s nest. But watch out –there are a few surprises along the way. There is also a totally new “flying school”, where you can experience the thrill of flying like Bert the Eagle. So there’s nothing else for it, it’s off to Alpinolino we go! “Get smart“ is the motto here and at the many educational stations you can find out about Tyrol’s mountains and their flora and fauna in an especially impressive way. The tour is well “supervised“ by Alpinolino “smart alec” mountain guides, who make the mountain come to life even more. On the Wood(worm) Way, curious folk make their way over completely new and uncharted terrain, but certainly on the right track. And the puzzles are also a real challenge for Alpine detectives!

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Alpinolino WestendorfBergliftstraße 186363 Westendorf(0043)

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