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Barmerberg 24Itter


N I X I S F I X!

The KRAFTalm in Itter will become the hip "Pop-Up Beton Alm" this winter. Industrial design is finally the rage. What comes next? That will be revealed on the spot.


The winter on the KRAFTalm is going strong. Strong as concrete. Between mixers, mortars and men, Marion, Evelyn & Family serve "the best Kasfleischkassemmä" - um what? Correctly read. In the middle of the construction site. There's also a changing food menu and delicious bottled beer. A strong stop-off that will be remembered - and never was and never will be. An alp is about to change - controversial but real. And most of all down to earth. Even if nothing is stable. Because the next winter is coming.


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Opened - Today09:30 AM - 04:30 PM

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