Bike Saloon Söll

Opening hours on demand

Stampfanger 21, Söll


Ready for your duel with gravity?

Welcome to the Söller Bike Saloon - one of Austria's biggest skill parks for bikers, boarders, skaters and scooter riders! Whether you're an asphalt cowboy or an off-road rider - this is the perfect place to hone your riding technique, pull weightless lines through the PumpTrack "BlackBeauty" and feel the G-forces up close. Obstacles await you in both trail lines that will take your riding technique to a new level. You can thus better assess and overcome obstacles in open terrain. In a small space, a course has been created here that offers a wide range of trail feeling for all age groups and skill levels.

Learn from the Iron Horse Riders!

Bike school and guiding
You want to know and master your bike? Do you want to assess your skills correctly and keep improving them? You want to be able to read the terrain like a treasure map? Then our Iron Horse Riders bike school is the right place for you. We'll show you what's important and give you our secret insider technique tips along the way. In the end you'll be sitting in the saddle like Old Shatterhand and rocking the Tyrolean prairie.
Riding safety & training
No master has ever flown from heaven into the saddle. Means: practice, practice, practice. The topic of riding safety and training is very important to us, as you are not only responsible for yourself and your health, but also for your fellow human beings. That's why you should regularly attend a driving safety training course with us. All ages, all skill levels, adults, children, youths and clubs are welcome!

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