From the region, for the region

The Kaisertaler is a project of the tradesmen in the Wilder Kaiser region to maintain and sustainably strengthen regional purchasing power. (Almost) all businesses in the Wilder Kaiser region are part of this regional currency and invite you to shop in the towns of Ellmau, Going, Scheffau and Söll.

Whether visiting a restaurant or a hairdresser, a fashion shop or a tandem flight - the Kaisertaler impresses with its wide range of uses and leaves you spoilt for choice as to where you want to use the regional money.

Buy Kaisertaler

Would you like to buy Kaisertaler? The banks in the Wilder Kaiser region will be happy to issue the regional currency to you.

Points of sale

  • Alle
  • Scheffau
  • Going
  • Söll
  • Ellmau
Kaisertaler Points of acceptance
Kaisertaler Points of acceptance

Whether it's a visit to the hairdresser or a restaurant, shopping in a traditional costume shop or an electrical shop: with the Kaisertaler you can shop (almost) anywhere in the region and enjoy the diversity of our regional businesses.

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