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Alte Landstraße 15, Schwaz


experience your moment

Films, shows and concerts that get under your skin. The new YOUR DOME Tirol is a convertible 360-degree dome that lets its visitors immerse themselves in magical worlds of images and sounds. Inspiring, fascinating and poignant. "Find your personal moment" is the motto.

That's why everything here revolves around one question: "What do I feel like?" In contrast to the classic cinema, the Erlebnisdome enables a 360-degree view of things and thus forms unique themed worlds with its schedule and program.

YOUR DOME is changeable, touching, heart-refreshing. A place to meet people and ourselves. The program offers the framework in which everyone can find their personal moment: YOUR DOME, YOUR MOMENT.

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YOUR DOME TirolAlte Landstraße 156130 Schwaz(0043) 5242

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