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Summernight Festival in Scheffau

22.06.2017 - 21.09.2017


Summernight Festival in Scheffau

Thursday, June 22, 2017

19:30 - 22:30 ClockThu

Musikpavillon, Scheffau Scheffau


Every Thursday from 22nd of June till 21st of September is “Sommer Dorfabend” in Scheffau. You get offered typical tyrolean food and drinks.
The open air concert of the Bundesmusikkapelle Scheffau starts at 20:00 o’clock.

Conductor: Lukas Wieser
Presenter: Florian Höflinger


Summernight Festival in ScheffauMusikpavillon, Scheffau Scheffau


HerrnBundesmusikkapelle ScheffauFlorian Höflinger(0043) 6601540297www.musikkapelle.scheffau.net

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