Ice Rink Kitzbühel

Opening hours on demand

Sportfeld 1, Kitzbühel


Ice skating in the Kitzbühel Sports Park is possible for families from October to March in all weather conditions.

In order to be able to skate in the Kitzbühel Sports Park, it does not have to be sub-zero temperatures for days, nor is dry weather necessary. No matter what the weather is like outside - storms, snow, rain - children and parents can skate round and round in the ice rink.

With an area of 1,800 m², the modern, light-flooded ice rink in the Kitzbühel Sports Park offers plenty of space for children and parents to skate. Accompanied by good music, families can let their urge to move freely while skating.

With ice hockey and/or curling, families also have the opportunity to beat the winter at the Kitzbühel Sports Park in terms of movement.

For those who decide at short notice, for trying out or if not everyone in the family has their own skates, there is also an ice skate rental service available.

Please note: opening hours are partly restricted due to events. Families can find up-to-date information on the Kitzbühel Sports Park homepage.

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