crampus museum Kitzbühel

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Sportfeld 1, Kitzbühel


The Krampus Museum Kitzbühel cultivates the regional Krampus tradition and displays genuine customs.
The museum has been open since April 2010. The premises are provided by the city of Kitzbühel. After extensive joint work by the Ruat`n Pass Kitzbühel, more and more rooms are being developed for the exhibition of the vestments, masks - which are financed by voluntary admission donations as well as activities of the association.  It is a matter of concern to the association to always have new impressions for the visitors and to take away the fear of those who are afraid.

Escape from everyday life and dive with us into the "World of Krampus" on over 700 m².
You will be amazed when you walk through the museum with us, what you can see. From traditional old ones from 1903 to modern very fancy Krampus masks until 2019.
As well as the most different robes and accessories what a Krampus has with him.
On site you have the possibility to look over the carver's shoulder while he is making a mask and ask all your questions or even make a few carving moves yourself.

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crampus museum KitzbühelSportfeld 16370 Kitzbühel(0043) 664 138 38 27

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