23. summer theatre Kitzbühel


On the occasion of the 23rd Summer Theater Kitzbühel, the comedy "Die Niere" celebrates its gala premiere on July 25, 2024 in the concert hall of the Landesmusikschule Kitzbühel - including a champagne reception and finger food buffet.

"Die Niere" - German Comedy by Stefan Vögel

Kathrin needs a new kidney. Her extremely successful husband, the architect Arnold, has the same blood type. Is he willing to donate? He hesitates and Kathrin gives up his kidney. When their friend Götz immediately agrees to be a donor, a real battle for the kidney breaks out. Both Diana, Götz's wife, and Arnold feel ignored. Are the marriages of the two couples really as good as they seemed so far? The kidney uncovers many a hidden affair of the heart. One thing is certain: the kidney will not leave any couple cold, and they will ask their partner the all-important question: "Darling, would you donate your kidney to me?" Frank-Walter Steinmeier actually did, inspiring the successful Vorarlberg author Stefan Vögel to write a play that quite rightly became a comedy hit in no time at all.

"Die Niere" is one of the most successful plays in the entire German-speaking world, has already been made into a film and translated into several languages. Conclusion: definitely watch it!

"Even if you cut it out of your back yourself with a pocket knife - I don't want your kidney!" (Kathrin)
Directed by Reinhard Hauser, the play is played by Sandra Cirolini, Francesco Cirolini, Marion Rottenhofer and Valentin Schreyer.

Ticket sales and information:
Tickets for the performances are available from EUR 19.00 in advance from Kitzbühel Tourismus, on the ticket hotline +43 664 3142101, by email to karten@eventarts.at and in the ticket store at www.sommertheater-kitzbuehel.at.
All information can be found at www.sommertheater-kitzbuehel.at





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