Going handicraft market

Customs have been practised at the village square for more than 30 years


Going Handicraft Market

Customs have been practised at the village square for more than 30 years

In the Wilder Kaiser municipality of Going, much of the village’s original flair has been preserved. Small wonder that for over a quarter of a century very special traditions have been cultivated here. On five Friday evenings in summer, handicraft skills which are seldom practised these days are brought to life at the picturesque church square.

When craftsperson, artists and farmers from the village and the surrounding area take a seat at their small stands, the narrow alleyways that lead to the market are transformed into small open-air studios. This unique set-up means that you can stroll leisurely from one handicraft stand to the next. Watch as Simon weaves a carpet with his loom, witness Rosa’s skill with fine stained glass, or how Maria binds her colourful oh-so-real paper flowers. At some stands, like Maria’s, you can even try out a skill for yourself. Pressed for time? There’s always a spare moment for a sociable gathering.

The dates 2024

  • 14.06.2024
  • 05.07.2024
  • 02.08.2024
  • 23.08.2024
  • 06.09.2024
  • each from 5 pm

While the Going handicrafts & art market is a holiday highlight for guests, it’s also a welcome opportunity for locals to dress up in their dirndls or lederhosen (leather pants) and meet up “spontaneously” with friends at the market square from 5 pm onwards. Here they gather to chat in the shadows on the grass. The men gathered around Helmut watch as others drive piles into the earth while Sebastian plays a tune. From where Klaus is sharpening his scythes, it's not far to Lisi who sells her much sought-after ‘Brodakrapfen’ crispy doughnuts.

When farmers Maria and Elisabeth from Going serve their freshly prepared ‘Kasspatzln’ cheese spaetzle and ‘Germkiacheln’ flaky doughnuts with a smile, the good humour is free of charge with your purchase! Luckily for patrons, beer or elderflower juice are never far away.

Over 100 craftsperson help to keep old handicrafts alive

The faint sounds of music blow in on the gentle breeze. The source? With harp, dulcimer, zither and guitar, the ladies of the Ellmau Stubenmusig band alternate tunes with the musicians from the Söllander Hoagaschtmusig trio. Genuine folk music, which is not overpowering, provides the musical backdrop to the hustle and bustle of the market. Meanwhile, young dancers and Schuhplattler from the Edelraute traditional costume group make a strong impression during an afternoon that already features plenty to see, seek and sample.
Maria’s fresh farmhouse bread, which she bakes in a wood-fired oven at the market, or perhaps a schnapps at Hermann's or maybe a ‘Ringerl Prügel’ cake?

Even old handicrafts, which are seldom practised these days, experience a brief, yet impressive, revival in this natural setting between the Wilder Kaiser and the village church. For example, the Wallner brothers, who get a centuries-old wood-turning wheel spinning, Hans the blacksmith, who hammers large iron nails into the embers, or Elisabeth, who demonstrates how ‘Doggel’ horseshoes are made.

At 8 pm, the Bundesmusikkapelle Going brass band makes its way to the pavilion at market square to perform a challenging set list of traditional and modern pieces. All around there are stylish merchants who tempt the taste buds of spectators' with apricot schnapps. The handicraft market in Going is a popular summer event that has long since established a village tradition in its own right.

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