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Restaurant Mühlberghof

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Restaurant Mühlberghof

Opened - Today 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Steinerner Tisch 17Ellmau


"der Mühlberghof", the restaurant with informal ambiance and familiar atmosphere, for thirsty and hungry golfers as well as for hikers, bikers or those one that look for a cosy, silent place to have a rest. We offer small snacks, Tirolean specialities and vegetarian food 7 days the week. NEW - different breakfast offers - we would be pleased to welcome you!

On tuesday evening we serve spicy spareribs, garlic bread, sauerkraut, baked potatoe with sour-cream and salad an on sunday evening we offer a candle-light fondue (no cheese, no fish) with various tasty homemade dips, french fries and other side dishes. Pls order a table in advance!


Restaurant MühlberghofSteinerner Tisch 17A - 6352 Ellmau(0043) 5358 2379info@muehlberghof.atwww.muehlberghof.at/home.html

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Opened - Today08:00 AM - 08:00 PM

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