Experiencing huskies in Söll

Dog sled rides at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser mountain

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Experiencing huskies in Söll

Dog-sled rides at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser mountain

Huskytag in Söll - Wilder Kaiser

Together with guide Georg you walk to Erwin Hofer and his barking husky pack. At the fireplace you first find punch ready to warm you for the upcoming dog-sled ride. After introducing you to the dogs and Erwin, the ride with the huskies begins. One person can participate at a time - therefore one after the other enjoys the husky experience, with children having priority for this adventure. Again and again Erwin tells about his everyday life as a musher (person who steers dog sleds) and gives cheerful anecdotes as well as interesting facts about his pack.

Start of the Husky Days

The next Husky Days will take place in the coming winter 2020/21. Dates are expected to be available and bookable from November 2020.

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