Hundsalm Ice- and stalactite cave

Innsbrucker Straße 1, Wörgl


Important information about COVID-19:
According to regulation BGBLA 2020/II/197, caves are terminologically outdoor ("public places outdoors"), but according to the regulation they are to be considered "closed places". Therefore, show caves would have to comply with all hygiene regulations, rules and restrictions, such as those applicable to museums. Impossible for our cave! So now the board of directors has unanimously decided against opening the Hundsalm Ice and Stalactite Cave to guests in the guided tour season 2020.

Hundsalm Ice and Stalactite Cave
Hikers can enjoy a uniquely refreshing experience at the Hundsalm inn (1,250 m). Even at the height of summer, temperatures in the ice and stalactite cave always remain around *** degrees. This natural wonder offers a fascinating underground experience. Located above Angerberg/Mariastein, it is the only publicly accessible ice and stalactite cave in western Austria. Open from May to September. A visit in spring is particularly rewarding, as this is when the most bizarre ice formations are on show. The cave is also suitable for visiting in any weather!

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Hundsalm Ice- and stalactite caveInnsbrucker Straße 16300 Wörgl(0043) 664 1551425 (0043) 664

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