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Ski and Snowboradschool Told Gerhard

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Enjoy with us your Wintersport experience!

At Ski School Scheffau we offer you the best possible learning experience, as we have been doing for the last 30years.

Our offer is effective, informative and also a whole load of fun.
Ski, Snowboard or Cross country, it´s your choice. We have the best offer waiting for you and we look forward to welcoming you.

We have instuctors who speak (German, English, Dutch, French and Japanese) and they know the best runs in the area, together making your time with us a memorable one.

Our offers include:
Group courses for Adults and Teens
(from €40 - €120 - 1 - 4 days possible)

Group courses for children
(from €50 - €180 à 4 hours , 1 - 5 days possible)

Private tuition for Ski, Snowboard, Cross country – Adults and Children
(from €40 - €180 depending on how many hours and participants)

Group lessons – Snowboard from 3 Persons
(from €40 - €110 depending on how many days you choose)

Group lessons for Children starting in Kinder Kaiserland
(from €30 - €120 à 2 hours) is every day open

Ski Taster for Children from 2 years old
(from €20 - €25 per child depending on time)

Cross Country Tuition.
Ski Lessons for beginners start on Sunday at 10.00am with 4 hrs tuition.
Ski Lessons for intermediate/advanced start on Monday at 09.30am.
Special offers for small groups – afternoons.
Childrens beginners course starting in Kinder Kaiserland.
Snowboard group lessons beginner – courses start on Sundays with 4 hours at 10:00am - from Monday to Wednesday every day 2 hours (before midday or afternoon)
Advanced courses start at 09.30am on Monday. From Monday to Thursday every day 2 hours (before midday or afternoon)

Partners for Ski, Snowboard and Cross Country hire:
Hansis Sportshop
Sport Gatt
Alpin Sport Rainer


Ski and Snowboradschool Told GerhardDorf 54A - 6351 Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser(0043) 5358 8308info@skischule-scheffau.atwww.skischule-scheffau.com

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