Tiroler Bienenalm - Apitherapie-Imkerei

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Tiroler Bienenalm - Apitherapie-Imkerei

Krückl 3Thiersee


In the face of a number of disappointments and unfortunate setbacks, the Christen family has agreed that we need to stick together in pursuit of our goals – now more than ever. As former employees of the Tiroler Bienenwelt beekeeping centre in Söll, we have now set up operations in the pleasant surroundings of our own family home in Thiersee. We provide remarkable insight into the fascinating life of the honeybee, a variety of unique bee products such as honey, propolis, royal jelly, flower pollen, bee venom and bee aroma, and the ways in which these are used in apitherapy and naturopathy. You can also breathe easy by trying out our bee aroma respiratory therapy. Additional attractions include “An audience with the queen”, exhibitions of beekeeping equipment and tools, the stunning show beehive, and a wide range of workshops such as handicrafts with natural materials, extracting honey, designing beeswax candles and more. Our immersive area dedicated to forests and untamed nature is a multi-sensory way to discover lots of interesting facts about these resources – and learn how they are used in wild medicine and traditional cooking. We offer direct sales, (guided) tours, workshops, “adopt a bee” programmes, bee product tasting sessions and more. Open all year round – and ready for visits at all times by prior arrangement! Visitors to the Wilder Kaiser holiday region can have our products delivered straight to their holiday accommodation.


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