Gift Shop Thalhammer

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10:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Dorf 19, Ellmau


Our small Zirben- & Geschenkeshop is located in the ellmau village centre.

Our shop can be visited gladly after telephone arrangement.
Phone: (0043) 664 2449375
You can also visit our online shop at:

Worth knowing about the Swiss stone pine:
Zirbenholz, also known as "The Queen of the Alps", is the lightest wood of all native coniferous wood species. The shrinkage, which is important for the use of the wood, is the smallest of all conifers. Thus it is particularly well applicable for alternating damp areas.
Due to the pinosylvin contained in Swiss stone pine wood, fungi and bacteria hardly have a chance to attack the wood.
Particularly pleasant for humans, but not popular with insects, is the scent of Swiss stone pine. It remains for years and has a positive effect on the well-being of the house inhabitants.

Zirbenholz has positive effects on cycle, sleep, well-being and vegetative Regluation.
Last but not least, pine wood counteracts sensitivity to the weather, harmonises circulation and strengthens general well-being. People feel relaxed, rested and ideally prepared for the challenges of everyday life.
In addition, Swiss stone pine wood hinders the development of the clothes moth.

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