CrossFit VNKN

Opening hours on demand

Kapellenweg 13, Ellmau


What is CrossFit VNKN?

CrossFit VNKN is a comprehensive strength and endurance training based on functional exercises that vary constantly and are performed with high intensity. The aim is to help our athletes achieve a holistic and broad-based fitness.

The following "skills" are trained: -power -power endurance -Quick Force -Speed -responsiveness -Balance -coordination -accuracy -Performance -Flexibility

We attach great importance not to specialize in individual disciplines, but to achieve continuous improvements in all areas. CrossFit VNKN is for everyone! Training can be tailored to any level of performance and still remains challenging if the athlete is willing to leave his personal comfort zone and give his all at every training session. Training takes place in small groups, always under the supervision of experienced trainers. A normal training session lasts one hour. It usually includes a common warm-up, a technique or strength part and the common "Workout of the day" (WOD). The "WOD" is the heart of each training session. Various exercises are performed in a given time or number of laps "processed". You only find out what to expect when you check in the box.

Our equipment: -barbells -Bumper Plates -rigs, racks -Battle Ropes -Plyo Boxes -Speedropes -Wallballs -Dumbbells -gymnastic mats -tractor tyres -Monkeybar -Punching bags -Ropes -GHD -treadmill -Ergometer -Rowing machine -Dip sticks -Therabands The training usually takes place in our newly equipped hall.

In good weather, however, our outdoor area is also ideal.

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