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Tandemfallschirmsprünge Bestskydive

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Tandemfallschirmsprünge Bestskydive

Currently closed, open from 01.03.2019

Flugplatz St. JohannSt.Johann in Tirol


We jump every day on the stunning MOUNTAINS of Bavaria and Tyrol. 
Mass jumps are not our thing. Such a special experience as a tandem jump is a gift and deserves a very personal and individual attention. We have placed in you.
Waiting periods of several hours or half a day are annoying and there is not. 
Of course, we do not charge Additional weight (100kg) 

Attention kids!

There is a nice playground and for large and small accompanied by a delightful beer garden restaurant surrounded by the Kitzbühel Alps.  


Tandemfallschirmsprünge BestskydiveFlugplatz St. JohannA - 6380 St.Johann in Tirol(0043) 676 5102 113tandem@bestfallschirm.comwww.bestskydive.com

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Currently closedopen from 01.03.2019

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