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Tandemfallschirmsprünge Bestskydive

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Flugplatz St. JohannSt.Johann in Tirol


We jump every day on the stunning MOUNTAINS of Bavaria and Tyrol. 
Mass jumps are not our thing. Such a special experience as a tandem jump is a gift and deserves a very personal and individual attention. We have placed in you.
Waiting periods of several hours or half a day are annoying and there is not. 
Of course, we do not charge Additional weight (100kg) 

Attention kids!

There is a nice playground and for large and small accompanied by a delightful beer garden restaurant surrounded by the Kitzbühel Alps.  


Tandemfallschirmsprünge BestskydiveFlugplatz St. JohannA - 6380 St.Johann in Tirol(0043) 676 5102 113tandem@bestfallschirm.comwww.bestskydive.com


Geopend - Vandaag

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