'Tour de Tirol' running event 2022


Tour de Tirol: The running highlight in Söll in the Wilder Kaiser region.

Experience exciting running competitions from Friday to Sunday. Runners can expect crisp disciplines, each of which can be run individually or as an overall start on all three days. The Kaisermarathon on Saturday with its finish on the Hohe Salve is particularly spectacular.

  • Friday: Söller 10er - 10 km, 300 hm
  • Saturday: Kaisermarathon - 42.195 km, 2450 hm
  • Sunday: Pölventrail - 23 km, 1250 hm & children's run

All information about the races, the program and the registration can be found at tourdetirol.com.

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  • 06.10.2023
  • 07.10.2023
  • 08.10.2023

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