Film location - Hintersteiner See

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Dorf 28, Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser


An enchanting mountain lake, 56 ha and up to 36 meters deep, is located 883 m above sea level above Scheffau amidst the natural reserve Wilder Kaiser. A hike around the Hintersteiner See is very revealing. On the southern bank, the route rises a little and offers breathtaking views of the turquoise blue water of the crystal-clear mountain lake. Thanks to a road, the northern bank of the lake is accessible to all. A bathing beach is also located here, which makes it a special experience owing to its naturalness. The Hintersteiner see in Scheffau has enough distinction to make it the most beautiful and cleanest natural bathing lake of Tirol.

Swimming area Hintersteiner See

Opening hours in summertime: 08:00 - 19:00
Dogs are not allowed.

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Film location - Hintersteiner SeeDorf 286351 Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser(0043) 50509

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