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Sister Act

“Sister Act” – a heavenly musical based on the film of the same name, Sister Act, starring Whoopi Goldberg. The specially developed music for the musical comes from the award-winning Alan Menken,


The less successful bar singer Doloris von Cartier is the only witness in a murder trial against a powerful underworld boss. The police hide her in a convent, disguised as Sister Mary Clarence. There she causes all sorts of turbulence as the leader of the nuns' choir. However, the choir's new program with heavenly soul and gospel sounds is once again attracting many people to the church. Eventually the Pope also found out about the now famous group and announced his visit for a concert. Some henchmen sneak into the monastery disguised as nuns to kidnap Mary Clarence. But your fellow sisters can prevent this. In the final scene, the sisters give the expected concert for the Pope. Sister Mary Clarence – in habit but without a veil – helps the choir to have a very successful performance one last time. The musical “Sister Act” offers truly heavenly entertainment for the whole family: a thrilling plot, songs that make it almost impossible to sit still and glamor for the eye. Hallelujah! The premiere of “Sister Act” took place in Pasadena, California, in 2006. Only after the performance in London in 2009 and the German premiere in Hamburg in 2011 (720 performances) was the piece played on Broadway in New York.

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