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Stampfanger , Söll


I would like to explain the peculiar situation to you right away with a story about the wonderful origin of this widely known pilgrimage church to the Stampfanger...

Once upon a time, a pious mother and her child were in devout prayer before an image of the Mother of God. Then both of them were overcome by a threatening thunderstorm and the Stampfanger stream grew into a terrible storm tide. In her distress, the mother implored the protection of the almighty Queen of Heaven and behold - what a miracle - a mighty boulder came down and blocked the way of the ominous water into the valley. In gratitude, the people built a small church on the rock, from which you can still see it looking down protectively today...

Historical sources name the builder as a miller named Christian Pelhamer, who had the little church built in 1671. Many beautiful votive tablets, which until recently adorned the outside walls of the little church, bear witness to the pious pilgrimage tradition. The chapel is also known for two large votive tablets donated by the legendary marksman Josef Rainer of the Postwirt.

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StampfangerkapelleStampfanger 6306 Söll

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