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Lengau, Söll


The St. Anna Chapel in Lengau:
A legendary origin is also attributed to the so-called Lengau Chapel. According to legend, the famous Margarethe Maultasch liked to stay frequently at her summer residence in Juffing. She was just as fond of worldly pleasures until a miraculous change of heart took place in her. To atone for this, the princess is said to have had the chapel in Lengau built...

Ecclesiastical sources, on the other hand, know that it was first mentioned in a document in 1664. The little Lengau church is closely connected to the well-known bath tradition from the 17th century and was originally dedicated to St. John the Baptist. In 1727 (according to the ridge number) there is talk of a new building, whereupon St. Anne was chosen by the population as the patron saint. A votive plaque commemorates a certain Michael Vötter, who "as sacristan, caretaker and enlarger of this chapel shall remain unforgettable to all devotees...". Another source reports that hermits once wanted to settle in Lengau, but were forbidden to do so....

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