Openingsuren op aanvraag

Stampfanger 21, Söll


In the MountainExperience Hexenwasser in Söll, even adults become children again. With numerous discovery stations, nature and its wonders can be explored on your own, or with the witch itself. On Austria’s longest barefoot trail, you walk over grass, bark, massaging stones and splashing water to numerous stations where all your senses are addressed in a new way. Throughout the area, at the foot of Hohe Salve, there is something to discover and witchcraft programmes, activities and shows are always awaiting.
To gain even deeper insights into the ancient legends, customs and wisdom of the ladies in pointy hats, exclusive HeXpeditions await you in the Hexenwasser. The witches take the time for their guests, the „time with the witch“, and let them get hands-on, craft and taste at the supervised stations.

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