Museum of old tools and objects

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Niederachen 1, Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser


Private museum with objects and tools from old times in the Niederachen district of Scheffau.

The museum is located in the rear part of the "Niederachenmühle" farm, which dates back to the 17th century and was previously a mill. There is a fascinating collection of over 1.000 tools and objects from the past.

The owner Christian Feuchtner explains and demonstrates them personally in his humorous Tyrolean style. You can admire tools from coopers, carpenters, cobblers, carpenters, lumberjacks and also from long-forgotten professions.

All year round - after registering by telephone.
Phone +43 (0) 5358 8261
Free entry - a small tip / voluntary donations are gladly accepted
Owner: Mr. Christian Feuchtner

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Museum of old tools and objectsNiederachen 16351 Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser(0043) 5358 8261(0043)664 48 31

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