Pre New Year's Eve Party in Scheffau


On December 30th Scheffau invites locals, guests and friends to an evening, where we clebrate the New Year already one day earlier.

The event starts at 7 pm. Enjoy traditional Tyrolean specialities and drinks in cheerful atmosphere and live music.

At 10:30 pm there will be a firework with music as the highlight of the evening.

Entry free of charge.

Free Shuttlebus from/to districts of Scheffau

journey there
19.00  Cafè Rosmarie/ Wendeplatz
19.05  Wurzach
19.10  Weißbachhof
19.25  Bergbahn/ Gondola-station
19.30  Dorfzentrum/ Village centre

19.35  Bruggenmoos/ Leiten
19.40  Dorfzentrum/ Village centre

19.45  Appartmentpark
19.50  Niederachen
20.00  Dorfzentrum/ Village centre

23.15  Dorfzentrum/ Village centre
23.20  Bruggenmoos/ Leiten

23.25  Dorfzentrum/ Village centre
23.30  Bergbahn/ Gondola-station
23.45  Weißbachhof
23.50  Wurzach
23.55  Cafè Rosmarie/ Wendeplatz

00.10  Dorfzentrum/ Village centre
00.20  Appartmentpark
00.25  Niederachen

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  • 30.12.2024

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Dorfzentrum Scheffau (Musikpavillon)Dorf 286351 Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser(0043) 50509

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