Sewing Machine Museum Madersberger

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10:00 - 17:00 Uur

Kinkstraße 3, Kufstein


A museum was dedicated to the inventor of the sewing machine, Josef Georg Madersperger.

An audiovisual show tells about the life and works of J. Madersperger. The birthplace of Josef Madersperger is located in the Kinkstraße. Only the inventor himself knew about the usefulness of his machine. No one bought it from him. And so Josef Madersperger donated his first working sewing machine to the Polytechnic Institute in Vienna. Today it is impossible to imagine life without his invention and the Kufsteiners have dedicated a museum to their inventor and his machine.

Take a look - you will get an interesting insight into the life of the inventor.

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Sewing Machine Museum MadersbergerKinkstraße 36330 Kufstein(0043)

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