Weihnachtsmarkt Kitzbühel


Kitzbühel is transformed and is reminiscent of a festive scene from a traditional Christmas card. Throughout the snowy town, the scent of mulled wine and gingerbread lingers in the air, signifying it is that time of year again; the Kitzbuehel Christmas Market has opened its doors. Numerous stalls abound, serving not only culinary specialties and delicious hot drinks, but also providing the opportunity to purchase unique crafts and fine gift items. This is what puts the meaning into Christmas and reinforces its true meaning.

The Kitzbuehel Christmas Market provides an excellent daily programme to cater for all ages. For children, there is the hugely popular zoo where they can play with the animals and take pony rides through the market as well as the ever popular letter to Santa Claus that they cannot afford not miss!

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  • 15.12.2021
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