Dressmaking Angelika Niedermühlbichler

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13:30 - 18:00 Uur

Dorf 21 - Sternhof, Ellmau


My made-to-measure studio, where festive evening dresses for all occasions, regional costumes and fashionable daywear are made, is located in the centre of Ellmau.

To take the necessary time and leisure for each order is a big concern for me!

I appreciate every step of the work equally: from the first customer discussion with taking measurements, over the individual color & fabric selection, sketches and cut draw, cut, tack and sew, up to the first fitting and the final completion of the garment.

First and foremost, I appreciate the personal cooperation with the customer and enjoy the technical challenge of processing the valuable and precious fabrics, which many an order brings with it, with patience and craftsmanship. In my studio workshop I create the vintage party dress, the noble ball gown as well as the traditional dirndl or the fine loden suit. Among the special highlights are the wedding dresses.

I also pay special attention to the individual choice of colours. After all, your unique piece should not only do justice to your body silhouette, but also make it appear harmonious and emphasize your natural charisma pleasantly. Clothing supports well-being, self-confidence and joie de vivre.

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Dressmaking Angelika NiedermühlbichlerDorf 21 - Sternhof6352 Ellmau(0043) 5358 44140(0043) 664 3245570angelika.niedermuehlbichler@aon.atwww.massatelier-angelika.at

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