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THE OFFICERS, that is the somewhat different party band. The guys in business look cover everything that pleases the party-hungry audience and of course themselves and let every dance floor become an absolute witch's cauldron. There is jumping, dancing and cuddling with one or the other love song what the stuff, or better said the location (holds out). The gentlemen around Goldkelchen Paolo play through 50 years of rock and pop history and really let it rip with rock n roll from the 50s, pop classics and German rock ala "Verdammt ich lieb dich", before they bring the party people to the boil with rock songs by Bon Jovi and AC/DC.

Admission is free! But if the weather god prefers the rain, we will inform on our Facebook page (Goinger Kaiserin) whether the concert will take place.

Travel to the event: We ask for an environmentally friendly arrival! By public transport or the Kaiserjet, on foot or by bike. There are sufficient bicycle parking spaces available. According to the motto: Strengthen your calves, come by bike!

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  • 10.03.2022

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